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Project: fedfs-utils

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Distribution Support Schedule

Enterprise Linux


fedfs-utils is packaged for Enterprise Linux 6 compatible distributions via EPEL. fedfs-utils 0.9.x will continue to be supported in EPEL until EPEL's EOL. fedfs-utils 0.10 and later versions will not be supported in the EPEL 6 branch.


The Fedora release schedule can be found here.

Fedora 18

Fedora 18 reaches EOL with the release of Fedora 20, scheduled for December 2013. The final release of the fedfs-utils package for Fedora 18 is fedfs-utils-0.9.4.

Fedora 19

fedfs-utils-0.9.x will continue to be supported in Fedora 19 until Fedora 19's EOL. Fedora 19 reaches End-Of-Life with the release of Fedora 21.

Fedora 19 may see fedfs-utils 0.9 replaced with fedfs-utils 0.10 when it is released in early 2014.

Fedora 20

fedfs-utils-0.9.x will be supported in Fedora 20 until fedfs-utils 0.10 is released in early 2014.

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