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Project: fedfs-utils

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Linux FedFS Implementation Roadmap





3Q CY14

  • Beta quality
  • APIs and CLIs becoming stable
  • Prototype high-level FedFS domain administration tools and documentation
  • Junction auditing

Linux FedFS Implementation Completed Features





February 3, 2014

  • Alpha quality
  • APIs and CLIs becoming stable
  • RPCSEC GSSAPI support in rpc.fedfsd and fedfs admin clients
  • Turn-key admin scripts for setting up domain root and NSDB
  • Search for NCE instead of using NSDB's namingContext


February 26, 2013

  • Alpha quality, technology preview
  • APIs and CLIs unstable
  • Support final DNS SRV format
  • Support final FedFS NSDB schema
  • Support TLS and NSDB server authentication in NSDB clients
  • Follow LDAP referrals during FedFS junction resolution


February 6, 2012

  • Alpha quality, technology preview
  • APIs and CLIs unstable
  • Non-backward compatible: New XML-based junction implementation
  • Non-backward compatible: Represent pathnames as arrays in more places
  • "nfsref" command for managing local junctions
  • Support for NFS basic junctions
  • nfsref and rpc.fedfsd flush kernel's export cache
  • New nsdb_create_fsls_s() API
  • Replace "resolve-junction" command with plug-in library
  • Sample init scripts now included under contrib/
  • Internal static libraries converted to dynamic libraries


September 3, 2011

  • Alpha quality, technology preview
  • APIs and CLIs unstable, except as noted
  • New program map for automounter
  • Full set of man pages for administrative tools
  • Support for FEDFS_NSDB_PASSWD environment variable
  • FedFS ADMIN RPC clients now handle FEDFS_ERR_DELAY
  • New nsdb_ping_s() API
  • New tools and APIs for managing NSDB container information
  • Support packaging via RPM and other tools


March 29, 2011

  • Alpha quality, technology preview
  • APIs and CLIs unstable
  • rpc.fedfsd and fedfs admin clients, no GSS support
  • NSDB clients, no TLS support
  • mount.fedfs prototype
  • rpc.mountd, resolve-junction program, kernel patches for junction resolution
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