Kernel crashes when repeatedly trying to mount nfs share that is failing

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  • Kernel version: 2.6.32, 2.6.37-rc3
  • Bug 24302
  • Reported by: Stefan Bader (December 3, 2010)
  • Closed by: Florian Mickler (December 24, 2011)

How to reproduce

  • ARCH: x86_64 (not tested on i386)
  • On the server side, configure an export that will be denied to mount (used sec=krb5 as that gives a permission denied for me)
  • server /etc/exports
/foo *(rw,krb5)
  • On the client side, autofs gets configured to try to automount server:/foo
  • client /etc/auto.master
/auto /etc/
  • client /etc/
foo -tcp server:/foo
  • Stop the autofs service and start the automounter in the foreground (automount -d -f) to see the permission denied message.
  • Create a symlink pointing to the autofs:
ln -s /auto/foo foo
  • The following is done in a loop as the crash sometimes takes longer than other times:
while true; do
        ls foo/
        sleep 1
  • It seems to take longer on the newest kernel, but eventually there will be a panic.
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