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Support for Linux NFS/RDMA Client upstream


Provide maintenance resources for NFS/RDMA and RPC/RDMA client-side code in the Linux kernel to support continuous testing of upstream kernels and identify engineering resources for bug fixes and enhancements. We are also working to identify resources for supporting server-side code.

Bug tracking

Upstream bug tracking is here.

Git tree


Feature planning

Our Pivotal Tracking project lists individual work items and defines several long-term arcs. At a high level, these include:

  • Broad support for a variety of InfiniBand hardware
  • Performance and scalability enhancements that require nontrivial implementation effort
  • Support for NFSv4.1
  • Observability enhancements to enable distributor support teams and customers to diagnose and address problems

Lower priority items include notably:

  • Maintenance of the Linux NFS/RDMA server implementation
  • Support for pNFS over RDMA

Developer tools

For anyone working directly on Linux NFS/RDMA or RPC/RDMA, please consider the following tools for validating your work.

  • cthon04: git://
  • xfstests: git://
  • fsx
  • IOzone
  • fio
  • Multi-process Linux kernel builds

Typically, for testing, the NFS/RDMA server exports a tmpfs or ram disk-based local FS to drive the transport fast enough.

Engineering Notes

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