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Support for Linux NFS/RDMA Client upstream


Provide maintenance for NFS/RDMA and RPC/RDMA client-side code in the Linux kernel. Support continuous testing of NFS/RDMA feature in upstream Linux kernels. Provide enhancements (see below). Identify resources for supporting server-side code.

Bug tracking

Upstream bug tracking is here.

Feature planning

Our Pivotal Tracking project lists individual work items and defines several long-term arcs. At a high level, these include:

  • Broad support for a variety of RDMA-capable hardware
  • Performance and scalability enhancements
  • Support for NFSv4.1
  • Observability features that enable distributor support teams and customers to diagnose and address problems

Developer tools

For anyone working directly on Linux NFS/RDMA or RPC/RDMA, please consider the following tools for validating your work.

  • cthon04: git://
  • xfstests: git://
  • fsx
  • IOzone
  • fio
  • Multi-process Linux kernel builds

Typically, for testing, the NFS/RDMA server exports a tmpfs or ram disk-based local FS to drive the transport fast enough.

Asking for help

You can find Linux NFS developers at, or in the linux-nfs chatroom at

Submitting patches

Clone the upstream Linux kernel with:

$ git clone git://

General advice for preparing upstream kernel or nfs-utils patches: see SubmittingPatches.

Submit patches to For RPC/RDMA, consider courtesy-copying

Engineering Notes

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