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THIS IS OUT OF DATE. We no longer use any of this, but the page is still here in case it's of historical interest.


The main pNFS development tree


The linux-pnfs git tree contains the server implementation of pnfs as an extension to the kernel nfsd layer.

Initial support for the pnfs client implementation and for the file layout were submitted to as of Linux v2.6.37, the object layout was submitted to in Linux 3.0, and the block layout in Linux 3.1.

Main branches

  • pnfs-all-latest: roll-up branch of all (nfsd41, pnfsd, pnfsd-exofs, pnfsd-lexp)
  • pnfsd: generic implementation and file layout extension for DLM-based file systems (e.g. GFS2 and OCFS2)
  • pnfsd-exofs: Object-based pNFS server extensions for the exofs file system.
  • pnfsd-lexp: pNFS Local Export of any local file system (not clustered, MDS and DS on same machine)

Obsolete branches

  • spnfs: Simple pNFS server (unmaintained, probably broken).
  • spnfs-block: Simple block-based pNFS server (unmaintained, probably broken).
    • see also git://

pNFS nfs-utils tree


Includes support for the 'pnfs' exportfs option, spnfsd, and blkmapd user-level daemons.

How to contribute?

First, subscribe to the linux-nfs mailing list. This is where we're discussing new ideas, bugs, etc.

Clone the main linux-pnfs git tree and the nfs-utils tree. Build and install the kernel and start kicking its tires. :)

Development snapshots

  • pnfs-all-3.4-2012-05-21
    • Applies against the Linux 3.4 kernel.
    • Added support for PNFSD_LEXP_RETURN_ON_CLOSE
    • Dropped support for the pnfsd-block back end
  • pnfs-all-3.0-2011-08-10
    • Applies against the Linux 3.0 kernel.
    • Added support for IPv6 for DLM Data Server address
    • Fixed interaction of layout recall callback and nfsd state lock
  • pnfs-all-2.6.39-2011-06-19
    • Applies against the Linux 2.6.39 kernel.
    • Added support for PNFS_LEXP_LAYOUT_SEGMENTS
    • Implemented server-side return-on-close
  • pnfs-all-v2.6.25
    • A roll-up patch of nfs41, pnfs, spnfs, pnfsd-lexp, pnfs-gfs2, pnfs-block, and panlayout.
    • Applies against the Linux 2.6.25 kernel.
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