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* [[pNFS Git tree recipies|pNFS Git tree recipies]]
* [[pNFS Git tree recipies|pNFS Git tree recipies]]
* [[pNFS Server Filesystem API Design]]
* [[Wireshark Patches|Wireshark Patches]]
* [[Wireshark Patches|Wireshark Patches]]

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Linux pNFS features a pluggable client and server architecture that harnesses the potential of pNFS as a universal and scalable metadata protocol by enabling dynamic support for the file, object, and block layouts.

pNFS is part of the first NFSv4 minor version. This space is used to track and share Linux pNFS implementation ideas and issues.

Client Side Info

Server Side Info

Development Resources

Filing Bugs

  • Bugzilla - Read/ Write access by "NFSv4.1 related bugs" group members
    • Use the keywords: "NFSv4.1" and "pNFS".
    • The "NFSv4.1 related bugs" group is used to track our bugs. You'll need a user account on bugzilla, after that, send an email to Trond to add you to the group.

Historical Content


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