Readdir rm -rf graphs

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    36: Linux 2.6.36
36NORC: Linux 2.6.36 (without readdir cap)
    38: Linux 2.6.38
  38RC: Linux 2.6.38 (with readdir cap added back)
  38NB: Linux 2.6.38 (with Neil Brown's patch and loop detection)


  • V3 ls lU noplus real.jpg
  • V3 ls lU plus real.jpg
  • V4 ls lU noplus real.jpg
  • V4 ls lU plus real.jpg


  • V3 ls lU noplus sys.jpg
  • V3 ls lU plus sys.jpg
  • V4 ls lU noplus sys.jpg
  • V4 ls lU plus sys.jpg

RPC ops

  • V3 ls lU noplus rpc.jpg
  • V3 ls lU plus rpc.jpg
  • V4 ls lU noplus rpc.jpg
  • V4 ls lU plus rpc.jpg
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