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The NFSv4 protocol includes integrated support for ACLs which appear to be similar to those used by Windows. These are different from the ACLs supported by earlier NFS versions, which are based on POSIX draft ACLs and which use a separate rpc program (instead of being a part of the NFS protocol itself).

Useful references:

  • rfc3530 (especially section 5.11)]
  • POSIX draft ACLs: POSIX ACLs aren't really POSIX--they were never accepted--but some variation of them is implemented on many operating systems, including Linux.
  • The Linux man pages, specifically, acl(5), setfacl(1), getfacl(1), and setxattr(2).
  • The POSIX<->NFSv4 mapping draft, which explains how we map between POSIX and NFSv4 ACLs.
  • The CITI NFSv4 project page, which has links to modified linux acl utilities with preliminary NFSv4 support
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