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NFSv4 Functional testing


Functionality testing of Automounter

Test clarifications:

  • Verify compatibility with automounter:
    How well the automounter works with NFSv4 in general.

Functionality needs to be tested for the following versions supported by the distros.

  • Automounter functionality – amd
    RHEL2.1 – am-utils-6.0.6-3
    RHEL3 – am-utils-6.0.9-2.4
    RHEL4 – am-utils-6.0.9-10
  • Automounter functionality – autofs
    RHEL 2.1 – autofs-3.1.7 
    RHEL3 – autofs-4.1.3  
    RHEL4 – autofs-4.1.3
    SLES8/SLES9 – autofs-3.1.7
    (Note: RHEL 2.1 supports autofs-3.1.7 with the autofs 3 kernel module.  
          RHEL 3 and RHEL 4 now only support the autofs 4 kernel modules.  	
          Both RHEL 3 and RHEL4 user space are based off of autofs-4.1.3, though 
          they more resemble 4.1.4)
  • Automounter functionality – autong
   (Note: Autofsng is highly in development phase and so there is no support 
          for the previous versions. As of now 0.4.1 is the latest release that 
          will be supported and there is no distribution currently ships it.)

Serviceability Testing

For any given service function (showmount, umount -f, etc. etc.) use the following checklist for verifying the functionality:

1.  The feature reports accurate information
    a) reports correctly during exception case situations
2.  The feature does not cause misbehavior (ie an oops) when used
3.  The feature is consistent with other standard reporting facilities
    a) it uses recognized (POSIX) error codes
    b) it is internationalized appropriately
    c) it matches existing network and disk reporting tools
    d) it has a man page
4.  The feature does not cause undue performance impact
    a) it does not cause memory leaks
5.  The feature produces error messages that are useful
    (self-explanatory, not too much noise, not unnecessarily alarming)
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