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NFS Howto

This document is designed to provide you as the reader with as comprehensive a picture as possible of the best and most effective ways to setup, configure, secure, utilize, and interoperate using NFS. This document is an organic work in progress, and will never be "complete". Please see the Feedback section of this document for information on how to contribute and get involved.

Table of Contents

1. Preamble
2. Introduction
3. Setting Up an NFS Server
4. Setting Up an NFS Client
5. Optimizing NFS Performance
6. Security with NFS
7. Troubleshooting NFS
8. Using The Linux NFS Implementation with other Operating Systems


Christopher M Smith: csmithere at gmail dot com


Tavis Barr: tavis dot barr at liu dot edu
Nicolai Langfeldt: janl at linpro dot no
Seth Vidal: skvidal at phy dot duke dot edu
Tom McNeal: trmcneal at comcast dot net
NFS Mailing List: nfs at lists dot sourceforge dot net

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