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1. should HMAC-SHA1 be added as an I-ALG? kerberos proposed to use sha1 with aes not md5. Comments: ? 2. if the targer receives a REQ-TOKEN such that integrity alg=null-mac but there the src_name is not "anonymous". is this an invalid token? Comments: ? 3. if the target receives a REQ-TOKEN such that integrity alg=md5WithRSA but there is no src_name. is this an invalid token? Comments: ? 4. if the initiator receives a REP-TI-TOKEN and the target_name there doesn't match the target name in REQ-TOKEN, however, the target name in REQ-TOKEN matches the target's certificate. is this an invalid token? Comments: ? 5. should the target match the target_name in REQ-TOKEN to its certificate? Comments: ? 6. if the target receives a REQ-TOKEN such that integrity alg=md5WithRSA but the mutual_state within Options within ContextData is not set (or set to anonymous). is this an invalid token? Comments: ? 7. in the spec, we state target-certif-data-required must be set to 1. what if it is not? is in an invalid token? or should the target still just send the REP-TI back. Comments: ? 8. what should happen if an initiator or the target fails to process an error token? the spec does say that an invalid error token should still require a new SPKM-REQ token to be generated and sent. Comments: ? 9. after generating an error token, should the target return CONTINUE_NEEDED or error codes from accept_sec_context()? Comments: ? 10. should SPKM support SSH keys? what does it mean to support SSH keys? Comments: ? 11. should SPKM have a mandatory confidentiality algorithm? is exportability still a problem? Comments: ? 12. what exactly does it mean: "md5WithRSAEncrytion is essentially equivalent to md5WithRSA"? Comments: ? 13. what happens when the anonymous initiator has trouble with rep-ti-token and is unable to derive a context key, therefore it can not use any other I-ALG but NULL-MAC. Comments: ? 14. how PKIX1Implicit88 is different from PKIX1Explicit88? Comments: ? 15. what should the lifetime of the SPKM3 context be? Comments: ? 16. SPKM3 tokens have a number SPKM1/2 artifacts left behind. currently they are kept for backward compatability. should they be removed. Examples:

 -- leaving old ERROR token (we should only be using the new SPKM-GSS-ERROR token)
 -- auth-data (AuthorizationData) in SPKM-REQ should either be removed or we need to add a checksum that ties the authorization data to the rest of the token's content.
 -- timestamp field in tokens is not used by SPKM3
 -- key-src-bind in SPKM-REQ is not used
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