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Some specific projects; follow links for more details on design requirements and implementation plans.  If you intend to work on any of these, please keep in close contact with other developers, using
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Projects that are easier or more self-contained:
Projects that are easier or more self-contained:

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Projects that are easier or more self-contained:

  • nfs-utils auditing: start by eliminating compile warnings. Then crank up the compile warnings and eliminate the rest. Look into additional static checking. Read the code with special attention to how data from the network is handled.
  • error reporting: It's easier for people to set up nfsv4 and krb5 if we give people informative error messages when something is wrong.
  • nfs-utils unit tests: Implement a unit test infrastructure in the nfs-utils tree.
  • nfs-utils internationalization: Add full support for double-wide character sets, and use message catalogs everywhere. Find translators for the catalogs.
  • client ACL tools: The client ACL utilities need some work
  • wireshark improvements: Wireshark (previously known as ethereal) is useful for debugging NFSv4 problems. But it could be more useful. (Actively being worked on.)

More open-ended projects, that will require close collaboration with other developers, and possibly multiple attempts:

  • pseudofilesystem improvements: The NFSv4 server currently patches together export paths in a way that is inconsistent with NFSv2 and NFSv3 and causes severe problems for automount users.
  • gss callbacks: We currently don't support rpcsec_gss security on the callback channel, which means that if you mount with krb5 then you don't get the benefit of delegations. (Actively being worked on.)

See also (priority lists somewhat out of date):

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