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Project: fedfs-utils

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Follow these steps if your distribution does not provide a packaged version of fedfs-utils.

  1. Download the fedfs-utils-0.8 release tarball.
  2. Unpack the fedfs-utils-0.8 tarball somewhere convenient.
  3. Run ./configure in the fedfs-utils top-level directory.
    1. By default ./configure installs under /usr/local. Specify "--prefix=/usr" to install fedfs-utils in the usual places.
    2. If you are on a 64-bit platform, be sure to specify "--libdir=/usr/lib64".
    3. The ./configure script may find missing libraries or headers such as libcap, libtirpc, libuuid, and graphviz. Install these components using your distributions installation tool to allow the ./configure script to complete successfully.
  4. Use "make" to build the package.
  5. As root run "make install"

Before running any FedFS commands, create a "fedfs" user ID:

# useradd -c "FedFS Administrator" -s /sbin/nologin fedfs
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