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Project: fedfs-utils

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If you are running Fedora 19, you can install a packaged version of fedfs-utils-0.9. fedfs-utils is split into several packages. These include:

  • fedfs-utils-admin
  • fedfs-utils-client
  • fedfs-utils-common
  • fedfs-utils-lib
  • fedfs-utils-nsdbparams
  • fedfs-utils-server

On any Fedora 19 host that participates in a FedFS domain, you can install just the fedfs-utils components you need. For example, on NFS clients:

# yum install fedfs-utils-client

Or, on NFS servers:

# yum install fedfs-utils-lib fedfs-utils-nsdbparams fedfs-utils-server

There are also packages for development and debugging:

  • fedfs-utils-devel
  • fedfs-utils-debuginfo

More information is available from koji.

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