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Project: fedfs-utils

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2012.02.06: Announcing the release of fedfs-utils, version 0.8.0

This package contains an implementation of the Federated Filesystem (FedFS) proposed standard for Linux. For an introduction to FedFS, see RFC 5716.

This is an ALPHA quality release. The code in this release is not guaranteed to work. Programming, administrative, and user interfaces may change significantly before the next release. This release is for technology preview only.

New with this release:

  • Non-backward compatible: New XML-based junction implementation
  • Non-backward compatible: Represent pathnames as arrays in more places
  • "nfsref" command for managing local junctions
  • Support for NFS basic junctions
  • nfsref and rpc.fedfsd flush kernel's export cache
  • New nsdb_create_fsls_s() API
  • Replace dash switches with positional parameters
  • Replace "resolve-junction" command with plug-in library
  • Sample init scripts now included under contrib/
  • Internal static libraries converted to dynamic libraries
  • Refinements to the build environment, including silent building
  • Many refinements to man pages
  • Many bugs addressed; consult Changelog for details
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