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Linux NFS Development Priorities

This document outlines work in-progress and remaining work on the Linux kernel's NFS client. Related work on user-level tools and libraries and automounter support may be described in other documents.

Several tables below describe specific tasks we'd like to accomplish for the Linux NFS client. All tasks in one table are of the same priority (H, M, L), and are ordered within each table roughly by their priority relative to other tasks in the same table. Each task includes a description, an estimate of resources required (in developer months), and a list of interested parties. A set of test plans for each task will be provided later.

In addition, a number of tasks are captured under "unscheduled". These are controversial or low-priority issues that may or may not be promoted onto the of scheduled work. A table of "ongoing" tasks tracks housekeeping issues.

Finally, we include sections that describe medium-term issues and long term projects. Medium-term issues are tasks that may require more extensive changes or changes that involve several other parts of the kernel. These projects were originally targeted for the next development branch. Long term projects are important areas of work that are not ready to broken into specific tasks.

Linux NFS Server Priorities
Linux NFS Client Priorities
Linux NFS Client Future Priorities and Considerations

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