ErrMemout Error inserting lockd: Cannot allocate memory

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Error inserting lockd: Cannot allocate memory

When attempting to load modules relating to NFS into the kernel, an error may occur as follows:

Error inserting lockd (/lib/modules/ Cannot allocate memory


The problem is caused by the lockd module failing to attach to the kernel.

Known Cases

This error was observed using a modular vaninlla kernel built using Gentoo, and still exists in the kernel. (Mark Hobley)

Module Information

modinfo lockd produces the following output:

filename: /lib/modules/ license: GPL description: NFS file locking service version 0.5. author: Olaf Kirch <> depends: sunrpc vermagic: preempt mod_unload 586 parm: nsm_use_hostnames:bool


There is currently a bug in the kernel, which requires the sysctl system control interface to be installed into the kernel. Rebuild the kernel with CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL enabled to enable loading of the lockd module.

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